• gafacci Producer Spotlight – Gafacci

    Gafacci has steadily built up an impressive production catalog over the past 9 years and is currently a key part of the Electronic project Jowaa. He gave us an interesting insight into his early beginnings, influences and current sound.
  • No Requests Yellow No Requests

    We are starting off our 2017 events calendar with the first Official NO REQUESTS live session! We love to discover new genres and are constantly on the search for dope new vibes that transcend the commercial spectrum.

    No Requests

    No Requests is our way of sharing those discoveries with like-minded Beat Phreaks like you out there! It is a place for DJs and Producers to share those hidden gems they won’t attempt to play in typical club situations. It is our way of handing over total creative control to the DJs and giving them a chance to steer the musical experience and take us on an amazing musical journey.

    No Requests is here to introduce us to new genres and artistes we might not even know exist. If you love dope music and are constantly crate-digging for sounds, come catch a vibe with these DJs and Producers. All you need to bring is an open mind and willing feet.

    The yes this event is totally FREE, because the best things in life usually are!