Producer Spotlight – Magnom

Magnom has been one of the most consistent names in the Ghanaian music production game in the past 5 years. He discussed his thoughts and creative process with us.

Has music production always been something you were interested in or you got into it by accident?

Just like most kids growing up I planned to get a white-collar job and make money. I didn’t have any career planned out. Music production began as a hobby. I came across the beat making software in my first year of College. It’s been 5 years since I decided to take production seriously.

What did you study in College?

I studied Psychology, Linguistics and Religion but I majored in Psychology.

You seem to have a very varied portfolio when it comes to beats. What’s your favorite genre to make?

I produce all genres with the same passion. I don’t have a favorite, but I enjoy listening to Dancehall music most.

Do u have a specific routine that gets you in the zone for making your most creative works?

No I spend my free time listening to different genres of music; that’s how I learn so when I have to produce it comes naturally

Most producers argue that listening to other productions influences your style and makes it hard to be original. What’s your take on that?

Whether you choose to listen to music voluntarily or not, you still get influenced because you hear music everyday. Varied listening is enlightening.


What’s your typical production process like?

It depends. It could begin with the beat or the chorus and the beat is built around it. Then I record, mix and master. The most tedious part of the process for me would probably be mixing.

What’s the biggest sacrifice you’ve had to make to keep doing music?

That would probably be missing like 90% of my lectures from 3rd year till graduation. But that was due to laziness. lool

Who’s the most inspiring artiste you’ve worked with so far and what makes them exceptional?

After working with the number of acts I’ve worked with, you realize that everyone has something inspiring or exceptional about them. I’m not trying to be diplomatic here. Having to name one is like being asked to name your favorite song of all time. That would be a difficult task. Same with my beats. I have a lot of favorites because with each beat I produce, I reach a new creative “high”


What’s the hardest part about making music in or for the Ghanaian market?

Its always very hard to accept the fact that you will not earn what you should from your production in terms of royalties. A system that monitors the use of music for commercial activity has to be put in place to make sure musicians and producers get paid.

What would you say set you apart from your colleagues who might have started even earlier than you did? Talent or Passion?

I’m passionate about what I do.

What was the first major tune you think made people realize your potential and start to pay attention?

Sarkodie’s Illuminati.

Did you produce that beat with Sarkodie in mind or he just happened to hear it and jumped on it?

Nope. I didn’t have him in mind. I just made a good hip-hop beat and he happened to hear it.


Finally, name 3 upcoming Ghanaian artistes we need to look out for this year.

I’d say myself, Episode and Luther.


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