Passion and Growth – AmaaRae (#Conversations)

AmaaRae talked to us about her earliest musical influences, her journey and growth as an artist as well as

Perfecting The Mix – Rvdical The Kid (#Conversations)

Producer Rvdical The Kid shared some of his workflow techniques as well as favorite reason devices, VSTs and how he keeps his interest in a track while it’s a work in progress.

The Journey To Maschine – Foreign Local (#Conversations)

Foreign Local shared a bit of his musical journey and some of his favorite plugins.

Transitioning From Producer To Artist – Magnom(#Conversations)

We talked one of our favorite producers, Magnom, about everything from his creative process to his recent transition to a full-blown artist.

The Soul Of Music – Quayba (#Conversations)

We spoke to Quayba about her musical journey, early influences and creative process.

Dealing With Creative Blocks – MikeMillzOn’Em (#Conversations)

MikeMillzOn’Em shared a bit of his musical journey and favorite plugins to how he deals with creative blocks.

The Business of Events – Jonny Stone (#Conversations)

We had a chat with prolific events host Jonny Stone to talk about everything from what it takes to create/host events to the general politics of entertainment.

Evolving As An Artist – betina quest (#Conversations)

Burundian neo soul / spoken word artist betina quest shares her musical journey and evolution. 

Running A Band – Nii Quaye (#Conversations)

We talked to seasoned instrumentalist and music producer, Nii Quaye about his musical journey, early influences, his creative process and the realities of starting and leading a band.

Afrobeats, Publishing and Music Business – BBrave (#Conversations)

We sat with BBrave of Akwaaba Music and discussed the global attention Afrobeats currently seems to be getting and what it means for artists in the genre, growing your support base, taking care of your publishing rights and exporting your music to the rest of the world.

Navigating The Ghanaian Music Industry – Ko-Jo Cue (#Conversations)

We had a very honest conversation with Ko-Jo about the perceptions and sometimes harsh realities of being an artist in the Ghanaian music scene.

The Artist As A Brand – Meister (#Conversations)

Meister, who founded the Meister Music artist management label, talks us through building and maintaining a consistent brand as an artist

Producing For Radio – Official Kwame (#Conversations)

Official Kwame talks us through his journey into radio, the job of a radio producer, down to managing perceptions about life in entertainment and the Ghanaian Music “Industry”.

Major Labels and The Future of Music Streaming – Wanlov (#Conversations)

We spoke to Wanlov on the relevance (or not) of major labels in modern music industries, as well as the future of music streaming and what it means for new artists.

Artistic Shelf Life – Kyekyeku (#Conversations)

Kyekyeku dropped some gems on extending the shelf life of your art and making exportable music.

Playing Music Festivals Across Africa – Kyekyeku (#Conversations)

Palm Wine/High Life artist Kyekyeku gives us some tips on discovering and playing music festivals across the world.  

Creating Your Own Sound – Kuvie (#Conversations)

Kuvie has been credited with pioneering one of the most distinctive Afro-Trap sounds to come out of Ghana and definitely knows a thing or two about sculpting your own sound. He took us through his creative process and journey.  

Tips on Creative collaboration – RedRed (#Conversations)

Red Red, a duo comprising of Hungarian producer Marton Elo  and Ghanaian artist/producer Mensa talked to us about their collaborative process.

Attracting an organic audience – Ria Boss (#Conversations)

Ria Boss is a soul artist whose focus is making music for a demographic that genuinely loves her kind of music.