Artist Spotlight – Wanlov

The free-spirited Afro-Gypsy god Wanlov who doubles as one half of the FOKN Bois gave us a peek into his life, beliefs and artistry in general.


Can you explain to us what Gospel Porn is and what motivated it’s inception as a genre of music?

War, corruption, microwave music, pollution, religion has become porn to us, thus Gospel Porn.

Does that mean Gospel Porn music feeds off these apparent evils & throws them back into society? What Gospel are you preaching with it?

What we get out of the evil we turn into sarcasm using it to poke fun at social hypocrisy.

You mentioned Religion as one of the ‘evils’ which alludes to the fact that you are not religious. Are you an atheist?

No. I believe in peoples’ beliefs that god exists. I however don’t believe God exists

Interesting! What led you to this belief?

Thought about the concept of God and concluded human beings created God because they keep trying to make God in their image.

Where would you say you got your vibrant personality and sense of confidence from, your Ghanaian or Romanian roots?

Both my parents and kubolor friends and adisco

Did you get into music by accident? If not, what inspired you to take it up as a career?

Not really. I liked rap and started rapping, then performing came to stay.

What was your first studio experience like and which studio was it?

I recorded freestyles at king sounds in Cape Coast Adisco village with Scooby Fiifi selah & Jaydee.

Most rappers start out trying to rap like their favorite artiste. Who did you try to sound or rap like back then?

Busta Rhymes and Snoop Dogg


What would u say is the main difference between making music in the states compared to Ghana?

In Ghana we slurr more.

But don’t you think it’s that same “wanting to sound like our favorite artiste” that makes our rappers end up sounding foreign?

Yes, but when you realize your role model is unique, you must grow & seek your uniqueness as well.

What’s the most controversial tune you have released so far?

“Thank God We’re Not A Nigerians”

You always seem to subtly poke into social issues. Your tune “What you Dey Fear” though seemed to blatantly call people out. What inspired the song?

The people we called out inspired it. But wait it was also majorly inspired by that vimlastic Kwabena Jones beat.

Have you since had a change of mind about them or you still maintain your position?

They are the ones doing the maintenance.

Are there any Ghanaian artistes you think are overrated?

I have not given that much thought recently.

Does radio do much for you in terms of getting your music out? If not how do you get your music out there?

Radio does what it is allowed to do for us so for now the web does way way more

What do you think is the way forward for Indie or great alternative acts in ghana who want to make it globally?

They need to grow their local fan base organically, upload concert footage and apply to festivals.

Can you name some of these international festivals that would be great platforms for our artistes if they applied?

Sauti BusaraIndie Fuse and Babel Med


What do you do apart from making music?

I make films, music videos and babies

Speaking of which, your Bio says “Father of 5 in 5 different countries”. Is that a literal fact or there’s a hidden meaning to that?

Literal fact

What would you be doing if you were not making music or producing videos?

I would be flying helicopters, riding motorbikes and buying & selling Real Estate


How did the Coz of Moni concept come about and what’s the vision for Coz of Moni?

M3nsa and I were making a concept album and decided to turn it into a musical. As to the vision, what can come can come.


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