• drumrvll Producer Spotlight: Conversations with Drvmroll

    Drvmroll doesn’t just make beats. He makes sonic statements. The 24 year old rapper-turned-producer shared everything from his musical journey, inspirations and creative process with us.  Continue Reading

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  • No Requests Yellow No Requests #01 @ Lokko 08 Warehouse


    We are starting off our 2017 events calendar with the first Official NO REQUESTS live session!

    No Requests is a live set series which focuses the spotlight on the DJ/Producer and provides an essential space for open-minded appreciation of a wide range of genres.


    Date: 24th February 2017

    Time: 08:30PM to 11:30PM GMT

    Location: Lokko 08 Warehouse, Osu


    This event is for anyone who is tired of being bombarded with the same rotation of music right from our local radio to the night clubs. #NoRequests is our contribution to the scene and the aim is to expose music lovers to genres they might not otherwise hear, essentially growing a culture of avid crate-digging and creating future generations of music enthusiasts who have a better tolerance for music that is considered different from what they are used to.

    We are happy to step up and steadily grow the culture this year by giving niche DJs and Producers a chance to share hidden gems they might not get to play in typical club situations. It is essentially a way of handing over total creative control to these people and giving them a chance to steer the musical experience, taking the audience on an eclectic musical journey.

    No Requests is here to introduce you to new genres and artistes you might not even know exist. If you love dope music and are constantly crate-digging for sounds, come catch a vibe with a carefully curated lineup of DJs and Producers.

    The yes this event is totally FREE, because the best things in life usually are!

    All you need to bring is an open mind and willing feet.


    These avid crate-diggers are bringing an eclectic mix of hidden gems to you!



    Jowaa is a musical collective masterminded by prolific producer Gafacci and BBrave. Jowaa is focusing on fusing African Percussive sounds with Electronic elements to create a new wave of head-bopping African rave music.



    Mitchy, the Masked DEEJ is on a quest to get the Ghanaian crowd to love Electronic Dance Music. She created the Eargasm EDM Show and is ready to change to the status quo with her vibes.


    Rvdical The Kid

    Rvdical The Kid

    Rvdical The Kid

    Rvdical The Kid, is a Nigerian-Beninese-Ghanaian electronic musician and producer. Officially signed to Australian based label and collective Flow-fi, Rvdical is well known for his genre-bending blend of african samples, hard-knocking drums and jazzy synths. You can check out his distinctive style on his most recent project, Carte Blanche available on all the streaming platforms.



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