Passion and Growth – AmaaRae (#Conversations)

AmaaRae talked to us about her earliest musical influences, her journey and growth as an artist as well as

Bryan The Mensah – WildLife (#BehindTheMusic)

Bryan The Mensah shared his inspirations and creative process for WILDLIFE. Check out the EP here 

Perfecting The Mix – Rvdical The Kid (#Conversations)

Producer Rvdical The Kid shared some of his workflow techniques as well as favorite reason devices, VSTs and how he keeps his interest in a track while it’s a work in progress.

The Journey To Maschine – Foreign Local (#Conversations)

Foreign Local shared a bit of his musical journey and some of his favorite plugins.

Transitioning From Producer To Artist – Magnom(#Conversations)

We talked one of our favorite producers, Magnom, about everything from his creative process to his recent transition to a full-blown artist.

The Soul Of Music – Quayba (#Conversations)

We spoke to Quayba about her musical journey, early influences and creative process.

Dealing With Creative Blocks – MikeMillzOn’Em (#Conversations)

MikeMillzOn’Em shared a bit of his musical journey and favorite plugins to how he deals with creative blocks.

The Business of Events – Jonny Stone (#Conversations)

We had a chat with prolific events host Jonny Stone to talk about everything from what it takes to create/host events to the general politics of entertainment.

Evolving As An Artist – betina quest (#Conversations)

Burundian neo soul / spoken word artist betina quest shares her musical journey and evolution. 

Moorsound – Who Want Jam (#BeatBreakdown)
Magnom – My Baby (#BeatBreakdown)
betina quest – Hope Is Still Alive (#BehindTheMusic)
Ria Boss – Love Yourself (#BehindTheMusic)
Kyekyeku – Sor (#BehindTheMusic)
A.I – Grind (#Sessions)
Ria Boss – Love Yourself
betina quest – Opposites Attract (#Sessions)
AYAT Ft. KUVIE – YAUWA (#PhreakOutLiveSets)
Quayba – Ripple Effect (#PhreakOutLiveSets)
King Promise – Leebi Ne (#PhreakOutLiveSets)

Producer Spotlight: EDWVN

EDWVN has an intriguing musical perspective and is steadily crafting a sound that is both unique and exciting. We spoke to the self-proclaimed crayola-wielding swordsman about his early influences and how he translates his musings into beautiful sonic art.

Artist Spotlight – Sutra

Sutra is an alternative artist that makes music for the soul. Her debut mixtape The Art Of Being is a beautifully crafted sonic experiment that connects you to parts of yourself you might have forgotten even existed. She spoke to us about her early musical influences and creative process.

Producer Spotlight – Rvdical The Kid

Rvdical The Kid is well known for his genre-bending blend of african samples, hard-knocking drums and jazzy synths. He spoke to us about how he got into production, his creative process and his most memorable studio session!